Reward Points

We are pleased to announce we have introduced a Rewards System into our site. For every purchase on our site, you will earn Reward Points. We make it easy and our system will keep track of your Reward Points. Once you have enough Rewards Points ro purchase a product, it will tell you at checkout. We are offering 10% of your purchase to Reward Points (excluding Shipping). As you will notice on our Product Pages, we have "Reward Points". This is how much you will earn for that purchase (10% of product price). This will accumulate in your account for each purchase. If the product cost $30.00, it will require 30 Reward Points to purchase.

Here is an Example:

So in this example: You will get 3 Reward Points for purchasing this kit. If you have accumulated Reward Points from previous purchases, you can use these. But you will require 30 Reward Points to purchase this kit with Reward Points.